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The Twin City 4x4 Club was formed in 1999 by a small group of people who were interested in 4-wheel driving and other social activities. 

Our members, who come from a range of lifestyles and 4WD experiences, are in search of opportunities to explore the countryside in a social setting whilst giving themselves and their vehicles challenges to overcome. 



Being primarily a family orientated club where all the family is encouraged to come along for the ride, we have all types of runs and outings from day trips to camp outs over weekends and extended trips over longer periods.

The types of runs we have are suitable for all types of recreational 4-wheel drive vehicles. Runs include safari types, farm trips, forest and night runs. All runs are categorized for ease of selection, download our Run Description Guide. Also covered are the non-four wheel drive runs such as picnics, trips to places of interest and just plain fun events. 

The Club is affiliated to the New Zealand 4-Wheel Drive Association which gives the Club support from this nationwide group covering all the Club insurance requirements and other benefits for its members such as making available public liability vehicle insurance.

The Club has a set of Club Rules and insists that each member follows minimum safety standards at all times. The club recommends members carry a minimum of safety equipment like, a UHF radio, carry on each run a fire extinguisher, spade or shovel, tow rope or strop with rated towing points on the vehicle and a complete first aid kit. All drivers are required to have a current license.
A full copy of these rules is provided upon membership acceptance but is available to view if required.

Join us

Join us!

If you are interested in becoming a member

and coming along to a run please complete

a membership form and contact us on either:

Twin City 4x4 Club (Inc)
PO Box 5137
Napier 4145


CLICK here for a membership Form.

or phone 0211871625
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